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Designing your Personalised Wedding Signage and Stationery

Designing your personalised wedding signage and stationery is an exciting part of your Wedding Planning as this is where you can showcase to your guests your style and personality through your wedding signage.

So, what can be personalised you ask? EVERYTHING!

From colours to custom shapes, fonts and layouts, the opportunity to make this YOURS is endless!

We have a few tips below on how to make the design process for your wedding signage and stationery more seamless and enjoyable to create.

Pick A Colour Board

So you’ve picked your bridesmaids dresses and florals to compliment, now keep that colour board flowing through to your custom wedding signage and on the day wedding stationery.

Below are a few examples of some of our popular colour boards:

If you’re not sure about adding so much colour into your wedding signage and stationery then keep it super simple and elegant. Go with your neutral and monochrome pallets of whites, blacks, clear acrylic, sand and frosted acrylic signage.

You can’t ever go wrong with these beautiful colours, they will all go with any wedding theme you choose.

“Hero” One element in your Wedding Signage & Stationery

By hero, we mean make this the main feature that you continue to see right throughout your signage and stationery from your wedding welcome sign right through to your wedding menus and guest place cards.

Whether this be a certain shape you continue to use throughout, or a font story that remains seamless from your custom seating chart to the table numbers. Keep that “One Hero” throughout.

Some Examples Below:


"Beige Acrylic Colour & Text"

"Brights & P-A-R-T-Y"


Getting your Wedding Signage Wording and Seating Plan Together

Wedding Welcome Signs don’t have to be a standard layout or certain text – this is your chance to showcase who you are and what this day means to you both! Whether it be your favourite love quote, “Mr & Mrs xxxx” or a bold statement like “let’s just get this party started”, your Wedding Welcome Sign will be front and centre to your guests setting them theme for your special day.

Wedding Seating Plans can be stressful to put together. You know, Aunty Joe doesn’t like Uncle Bob so they can’t sit on the same table but you also don’t want Uncle Bob next to your best friend’s parents because he is a larrikin at events like this – OHHHH the stress honey! We GET IT!!

We understand it will take time to organise all of your favourite people so we do suggest to get onto this no later then 6 weeks out from your Wedding Date to allow one full week to have it finalised and sent through to us.

A good tip: As your RSVP’s start to come through, start to pop them into their place in your seating plan so that once they are all in you’re already half way there!

Still not sure on your designs/layouts?

GREAT NEWS! You’re in good hands. At Signed with Love we are a talented team of creatives with over 20 years combined experience in the Signage and design industry and we will be able to create your custom wedding signage to suit your styling.

So get pinning, send us your mood board and any other wedding signage and stationery inspo pics.

Let us know what it is exactly that you like about each one. I.e. Is it a certain font? Is it the shape of that menu that you want to hero in all of your designs? The more information you can give us, the easier we can envision what it is your aiming for.

Get in touch today and let us create magic for you!


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