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Wedding Signage Trends 2018-19

What's HOT:

Acrylic will be the biggest! And when you say acrylic, most people think of clear acrylic but couples will explore clear, frosted and tinted acrylic in fun new ways—from using it in seating plans, table menus or numbers, place cards and quote signs before even going into the decor of clear chairs, backdrops or styling flowers on or in. Nothing combines the modern with romantic quite like acrylic, also known as perspex etc.

Acrylic with timber adds a modern look to old school class

What's NOT:

When a trend moves from the niche DIY sphere to the mass-market one, you know that it's died off and old news. Chalkboards, and Letter Lightboxes are everywhere in shops like Kmart and Big-W and are no longer the fun, unique option they used to be.

It's time to move on when Kmart takes the cool out of fun ideas


The key to staying classy is to select your signage wisely along with choosing the correct fonts. Hard to read script like the previously popular faux calligraphy trend are not the best way to get your message across. With the fade out of 'faux' this makes way for the classic look of serif fonts and the traditional calligraphy. Simplicity rules in 2018!

The elegance of traditional calligraphy and serif fonts never fades


Gold is staple, it will always be staple, but we saw the introduction of copper and rose gold in more recent years and those became popular. We love this elegant colour and is still in demand right now but it may only have 10 more minutes of trend left. Also keep in mind these copper/rose styles can make your wedding look very dated in a few years. If you are looking for the latest metal that is coming to trend, it is the classic silver. Silver will give a sense of timeless class and compliment almost any colouring.

We look forward to seeing the 2018 trends come to fruition and how all the stunning brides embrace the latest look in their own unique way.


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