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Popular Wedding Signage Style

Not sure what style or coloured wedding signage would suit your wedding style best? We have put together a brief description below of some popular wedding signage packages to help get you inspired!

Timber Wedding Signage

Timber Signage packages always go well with wedding themes such as, rustic wedding, country wedding, simple outdoor wedding and a few more.

We usually see our couples opting for the following items to suit this theme:

Timber Welcome Sign

Timber Seating Plan

Timber Bar Menu

Timber Laser Cut Names/Place Cards

We find that a lot of couples choose for the clear or frosted acrylic options for items such as table numbers, place cards, table menus etc as the transparent acrylic doesn’t impede on the style and fits in nicely with the simple and natural theme.

Clear Acrylic/Frosted Acrylic Wedding Signage

Another very popular wedding signage trend is this one! Couples are using the transparent clear acrylic to go with any theme really. It can be used with your more rustic themed weddings right through to an elegant, high-end wedding. Add hints of gold or rose gold to the signage to give it that luxx feel.

We have seen a growing demand for Frosted Acrylic. We have been creating acrylic wedding signage packages in this particular style with items listed below:

Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign

Frosted Acrylic Seating Plan

Frosted Acrylic Table Numbers/Menus

Frosted Acrylic Favors Sign

Acrylic Place Cards

Clear Acrylic Wishing Well

White Wedding Signage

This particular style of wedding signage is becoming VERY popular. Couples are ordering more substantial materials such as acrylic or whiteboard rather than the thin, wispy card stock, which can be blown off an easel simply by someone walking past.

Keeping it simple with their monochrome look, couples are able to pick from a huge range of fonts in this style, reflecting their wedding vibe. Want to add some metallic? Throw some rose gold or gold tones into the mix to glam them up!

Create this modern, simplistic look by including these items to your Wedding Signage Package:

White Welcome Sign

White Acrylic Seating Chart

White Acrylic Table Numbers/Menus

White Acrylic Favors Sign

White Acrylic Place Cards

White Acrylic Wishing Well

Gold/Rose Gold Acrylic Wedding Signage

Luxx signage at it’s finest! Golds, Rose Golds and Silver metallic or reflective mirrors are a MUST have for modern, glam weddings!

You can choose between having the metallic as your background colour or add hints of it throughout. Check out some examples below of popular acrylic wedding signage packages:


Gold Acrylic Welcome Sign

Modern Acrylic Seating Plan

Gold Mirror Acrylic Table Numbers/Menus

Gold Place Cards/ Laser Cut Names

Gold Wishing Well


Rose Gold Acrylic Welcome Sign

Modern Acrylic Seating Plan

Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic Table Numbers/Menus

Rose Gold Place Cards/ Laser Cut Names

Rose Gold Wishing Well

Coloured Acrylic Wedding Signage

This is where we love being creative! We have created lots of custom wedding signage by creating specific colors for our couples. From a dark navy to a moody burgundy, and even a custom coloured frost. When it comes to adding colour to your wedding signs, we are all for it!!

We can create custom wedding sign packages to suit your colour theme, which include the most common items such as welcome signs, seating plans, table numbers and place cards.

Black Acrylic Wedding Signage

Last on our list of most popular wedding signage styles is the almighty Black Acrylic. Want your signage to stand out and have a real classy affect on your guests? Black will leave show-stopping affect. Team it with white text or add some gold or rose gold to give it that all luxx feel.

Our couples who are after this particular style of wedding signage, most commonly include items listed below:

Black Acrylic Welcome Sign

Black Acrylic Seating Chart

Black Acrylic Table Numbers/Menus

Black Laser Cut Names/Place Cards

Black Acrylic Wishing Well

To wrap it up, wedding signage themes aren’t limited to one particular colour or style. Mixing and matching styles and colours can create a very personal theme which your guests will also love!


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