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An Elegant Celebration of Love

If you're looking for wedding inspiration that combines elegance, romance, and a touch of modern flair, look no further than Chrissy and Jake's beautiful wedding at BoxGrove Bathurst.

This stunning event was a celebration of love and style, featuring a color palette of red and blush pink tones, gorgeous in season fresh blooms, custom wedding signage and a special fly in fly out experience for the special couple. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at all the details that made this wedding so special.

The Venue: BoxGrove Bathurst

The wedding was held at BoxGrove Bathurst, a stunning venue that offers a unique and picturesque setting for weddings and events. The venue boasts 200 acres of beautiful countryside, as well as a charming barn, a scenic view, and a range of beautiful gardens and landscapes.

For Chrissy and Jake's wedding, the venue was decorated with beautiful floral arrangements in red and blush pink tones, ghost ceremony chairs creating a romantic and elegant atmosphere that perfectly suited the couple's elegant style.

The Decor: Wedding Signage, Welcome Sign, Seating Plan, Wishing Well

One of the standout features of this wedding was the beautiful wedding signage and decorations. The couple used a range of custom signs and decorations to add a personal touch to the event and to help guide guests throughout the day. The arched welcome sign, which was elegantly designed with a mix of modern fonts greeted guests as they arrived at the venue.

The seating plan was also beautifully designed, with the same fonts used to list each guest's name and table number. These details helped to create a cohesive and elegant look throughout the event.

The Colors: Red and Blush Pink Tones

The color palette for this wedding was a beautiful combination of red and blush pink tones, which helped to create a romantic and elegant atmosphere throughout the event. The floral arrangements, table settings, and other decor elements were all carefully selected to complement this color scheme, creating a cohesive and stylish look that perfectly suited the couple's vision for their wedding day.

The Menu: Custom Menus for Guests and Modern Bar Menu

Another highlight of this wedding was the custom menus that were designed for guests. The menus were beautifully printed on high-quality card stock in our double arched die cut shape, and featured a range of delicious dishes that were carefully selected to suit the couple's tastes and preferences.

In addition to the custom menus, the wedding also featured a modern bar menu, which included a range of beverages that were sure to impress their guests.

From the stunning venue and beautiful decor to the custom menus and modern bar menu, every detail of the event was carefully selected to create a truly unforgettable experience for the happy couple and their guests.

If you're looking for wedding inspiration that combines classic elegance with a touch of modern flair, this wedding is sure to provide plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own special day.

Florals - Blooms By Kayla

Styling - BoxGrove Bathurst

Wedding Signage - Signed With Love

Wedding Stationery - Signed With Love

Photography - Brad Spencer


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