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Captivating Elegance; A Pastel Garden Photo Shoot at The Grounds Estate, Mount Tamborine

Step into a world of enchantment as we unveil a breathtaking wedding styled photo shoot set amidst the splendor of The Grounds Estate in Mount Tamborine, Queensland. A unique, European style wedding venue.

From the delicate allure of fresh pastel flowers to the charming, organic touch of hand-made paper guest menus and an exquisite wedding invitation suite, this captivating scene captures the essence of romance and elegance. Get inspired as we take you through this dreamy landscape and explore the details that make The Grounds Estate and its reputable vendors an idyllic dream team for your wedding.

In the heart of Mount Tamborine lies The Grounds Estate, a picturesque haven where nature's beauty takes center stage. The fresh pastel flowers adorning this wedding styled shoot blend seamlessly with the venue's natural charm. From soft pinks to muted lavenders, the floral palette embodies romance and serenity. The Grounds Estate's lush gardens serve as a canvas for these blooms, adding an element of natural opulence to the scene.

The wedding invitation suite is more than an announcement; it's a glimpse into the magic awaiting guests at The Grounds Estate. Merging sophistication with whimsy, the wedding invitation suite, along with the save the date invitations we created features delicate pastel motifs and elegant typography that mirror the venue's aesthetics.

The hand-made torn edge paper continues its enchanting presence, through the couples customized letter to my Husband/Wife Cards, elegantly tied off with soft pastel silk ribbons.

The reception area at The Grounds Estate is transformed into a visual delight, featuring long linen lined tables adorned with fresh colorful flowers and textured dinnerware. Elevating the dining experience, the hand-made torn edge wedding menus along with the textured vellum place cards bring a touch of artisanal elegance to the celebration.

The tactile quality of the torn edges invites guests to engage with the details, reflecting the care and attention that The Grounds Estate pours into every aspect of a wedding. These menus and place cards not only guide guests through a culinary journey but also serve as keepsakes of a special day.

In this styled photo shoot, the introduction of a frosted arched acrylic seating plan becomes a highlight of modern innovation. The translucent frosted acrylic adds an element of sophistication and intrigue, creating a stunning visual focal point that guides guests to their seats with elegance.

Our shoot also features a chic and sophisticated bar menu. The Bar menu is designed not only to quench the thirst of guests but also to serve as a visual delight when paired with elements of florals and other fine details.

The styled photo shoot at The Grounds Estate was a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and human creativity.

Through fresh pastel garden flowers, hand-made torn edge paper menus, and an exquisite wedding invitation suite, the shoot encapsulated the dreamy essence that makes The Grounds Estate a true fairytale wedding destination.

Whether you're planning your own wedding or simply seeking inspiration, this photo shoot is a visual feast that celebrates the timeless allure of love and beauty in one of Queensland's most enchanting locations.

Creative Vendor Team:

Stylist & Florist & Concept: Ivy & Bleu Events

Signage & Stationery: Signed with Love

Venue: The Grounds Estate

Photographer: Wander & Follow

Cake: Marina Machado


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