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NEW Acrylic Wedding Sign Products

We told you that in 2019 we were going to step it up a notch and bring you some new products, so here they are!


Acrylic Laser Cut Names/Place Cards

What’s on the way out? “Tent” card stock place cards.

What’s on trend? Acrylic laser cut names!!

Can you imagine walking around the reception tables at a wedding and seeing your name cut out of a beautiful piece of acrylic or timber? What a way to impress your guests! Acrylic and timber laser cut names make the perfect place cards for your guests along with a personalised keepsake for them from your wedding. Double it up as a wedding favour and that’s two things crossed off your list! These are available in a range of colours and fonts to suit any wedding signage set.


Acrylic Wishing Wells

Wishing wells have become more and more popular in the world of weddings. The gift of choice requested by the newlyweds is a simple card and cash donation to help get them along in their new lives together. The typical wishing well design is out the window and acrylic wishing wells are in. Acrylic wishing wells won’t only be the stand out on your wedding day but they also make incredible keepsake boxes to store all of your favourite bits and pieces from your wedding day. Available in a range of colours and styles, these acrylic wishing wells are sure to suit any wedding theme.


Acrylic Table Numbers

There is nothing worse then seeing a beautiful room dressed in the most exquisite drapes, florals and lighting to only be ruined by those “pub style” table numbers. What a way to undo all of your hard work and forget about something so simple, your wedding table numbers!

They don’t need to be the stand out on your reception table but they do need to suit the theme. We have created different shapes, styles in many colours to suit any wedding theme. Acrylic table numbers are becoming more popular with their shinny and reflective finish, adding class and a modern touch to your table décor. Acrylic Wedding table numbers are a must have!


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