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A Dreamy Styled Wedding Shoot at Greenview at Cabarita Beach

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting yet challenging tasks for any couple. The perfect venue, the ideal color palette, and those special details that make the day uniquely yours—each element plays a crucial role in creating a memorable celebration.

We recently had the pleasure of styling a wedding shoot at the breathtaking new venue, Greenview at Cabarita Beach. This stunning location, paired with a warm palette on blank canvas allowed for a team of epic vendors to create magic in this newly renovated space!

For this shoot, we chose a color palette of blush tones and warm oranges, creating a romantic and inviting atmosphere. Blush, with its soft and timeless appeal, brought a touch of elegance, while the warm oranges added vibrancy and warmth, perfect for a beachside celebration. This combination not only complemented the natural surroundings but also provided a contemporary twist to traditional wedding colors.

Front and center saw our beautifully created welcome sign elevated and attached to a clear acrylic ghost plinth alongside a gorgeous bundle of fresh florals and candles. A show stopping 'Wow" factor.

Attention to detail is what sets a wedding apart, and our personalized guest menus were a perfect example of this. Each menu was designed to match the color scheme and floral theme, creating a cohesive look across the reception tables. All of the wedding menus were created with a guest name, doubling up as wedding place cards on these menus.

The bar is often a focal point of any wedding reception, and we made sure ours was both stylish and inviting. The bar menu, printed to our whiteboard surrounded by floral arrangements, featured a selection of fine wines and beers, inspired by the venue's coastal setting. The combination of blush and orange blooms added a pop of color, making the bar area a lively spot for guests to gather and celebrate.

Our styled shoot at Greenview at Cabarita Beach was a true testament to the beauty and versatility of this new venue. The blush tones, warm oranges, and stunning floral installations created an unforgettable setting, perfect for any couple looking to celebrate their love in style.

Every detail, from the wedding welcome sign to the personalized guest menus, bar menu, and beautifully designed wedding invitation suite, everything was thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall aesthetic and provide a cohesive, beautiful experience.

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that combines natural beauty with modern elegance, Greenview at Cabarita Beach is the perfect venue.

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