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The annual “Wedding Trend Report” has come out, and 2017 wedding trends are predicted full of natural elements with a lot of customisation through personalised wedding signage, lots and lots of greenery, raw textures and a touch of sophisticated elegance.

Personalised wedding signage is becoming more and more popular each year. Used by brides to add that personal touch to their wedding day through the use welcome signs, seating plans, love quotes etc. Using a range of textures such as blackboard, timber stained and unstained whilst using romantic calligraphy style fonts.

Colours are trending towards Greenery and will be used in abundance in colour schemes this year. Colours nominated to compliment the Greenery include Rustic Pink & Gold, mint, duck egg blue and dove grey.

The organic theme is also crossing over to wedding photography trends. Couples are looking for wedding photos that seem more natural. In 2017, wedding photos are expected to be less “edited” in the post-processing opting for a more candid look. Brides are wanting to remember their day as it was.

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