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2022/2023 Wedding Signage Guide

Planning your Wedding signage is a super exciting piece to your wedding planning puzzle. After all, your wedding signage is almost always completely personalised to you as a couple.

You’ve scrolled and scrolled all the socials saving your favorite inspo pictures of wedding signage but still not exactly sure what to order, does this sound like you?

To help you out, we’ve put together a quick checklist of the most popular Wedding Signage choices for the 2022/2023 Wedding Season.

Wedding Welcome Signs

Let’s talk about planning your Welcome Signage. This is the place to set the vibe and express your personalities through your wedding signage décor.

Most couples include their names and their Wedding Date however due to unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19 and postponed Weddings, if you are concerned this may happen to you then we usually recommend to leave the date off. In replacement you can always add a wedding hashtag or favourite quote to your welcome sign.

Remember, first impressions are everything so whether your style is bright, modern and bold or soft and rustic, make sure this sign really reflects what your guests can expect for the day.

Unplugged Ceremony Sign

In this day and age we are all glued to our phones with a lack or presence, and this is something you don’t want at your wedding ceremony.

An Unplugged Ceremony sign is the perfect way to ask your guests to keep the phones away and to be fully present in the moment with you. Your celebrant can also remind your guests prior to the start of the wedding ceremony.

Unplugged ceremony signs are very versatile and could be hung at the entrance of the ceremony, popped into an easel of placed against other décor keeping it visible for all guests.

Wedding Signage for the Reception

As far as wedding signage goes, the welcome sign will be at the ceremony but there is more wedding welcome signage opportunity at the reception. Repurpose your welcome sign and arrange to have your welcome sign moved from the ceremony to the reception on the day as well. (Usually, your wedding coordinator or even a good friend could do this for you)

Seating Plans for your Wedding Reception

Seating plans are an obvious MUST HAVE item at your wedding reception. Typically located close to the entrance of your wedding reception, your seating plan needs to be big enough and easy enough to direct your guests to their tables.

As a guide for guests of up to 120 we would recommend our standard size and weddings with more guests would need a larger seating plan sign.

There are many different designs and layouts you can choose for your seating plan from alphabetical order (recommended for larger weddings) to a table number list. Be sure to tie this in with your other wedding signage décor including your table menus for a seamless look.

Deciding on seating arrangements for your wedding guests can seem overwhelming at first—and trust us, we hear you. That is why we recommend setting your RSVP date at least 8 weeks out from your Wedding date so you have time to get all of these back and place your guests in their table order.

Another great tip that we recommend to all of our couples and to ensure smooth running at your wedding reception, forward the digital proof of your wedding seating plan to your venue to ensure they also have the most up to date version of your seating plan.

Wedding Table Numbers

After the seating chart, the table numbers are the next piece of wedding signage that your guests will look for.

Whether you want something super simple and sleek or something bold and custom to your style (like using destinations not numbers), table numbers are something often overlooked that can really add to your reception table decor.

Wedding Place Cards

The very last thing your guests will be looking for is their name at their assigned seat! Hooray they’ve made it!

Wedding Place Cards that match your wedding stationery are an essential element to your overall décor look.

You want these to tie in nicely whether they are placed above the table setting or printed into one of our wedding menus, place cards not only serve a purpose but also enhance the table styling.

Place Cards are often these days being used as a double up on a wedding favor too. If this sounds like a two birds with one stone moment then have a think about our acrylic luggage tags – a place card that also serves a purpose after your Wedding Day.

Wedding Table Menu

They’ve had a drink and now they’re hungry!

Your guests will be looking for what’s on the menu so a wedding menu is another MUST HAVE item. It is the main focal point of their table setting so the styling of their menu needs to be in line with your wedding theme and décor.

Wedding menus can be created in many different ways, whether it’s printed onto one of our gorgeous coloured menu cards or as a free standing table menu that guests can pass around.

You will need to put the menu into the timeline of the evening and be sure to include and dietary information that may need to be listed for dietary needs.

Wedding Bar Signage

Let’s get this party started!

After a moving ceremony and a long night of celebrating ahead, who doesn’t fancy a drink?

Not only will your bartenders appreciate you listing the available drinks, your guests will also spend some time up at the bar chit-chatting and ordering their drinks so be sure to set the vibe for the night through your bar signage.

Bar signage can be created in a huge range of materials from acrylic and PVC or perhaps you want to light the night up with one of our LED Bar Menus? Like any other element of your wedding, this is another chance to make a statement and show off your style.

Acrylic Wishing Well & Guest Book Signage

Acrylic Wishing Wells and Guest Books are usually placed on the same table (or nearby) so the designs need to be complementary to each other.

Guest book signs are usually smaller in size to compliment the Guest Book itself.

Acrylic Wishing Wells also serve a double purpose (because we’re all for repurposed wedding signage!). A safe and stylish way to accept well wishes and gifts the acrylic wishing well will also make a great keepsake to place your wedding items in a safe place for many years to come.

Creating and Designing your Wedding Signage

You don’t have to have your wedding signage all matchy matchy but you definitely want a cohesive look and that’s why we’re here!

We’re here to help you gather your wedding signage ideas and put them into your own custom wedding signage suite. A signage suite to reflect your style and personalities.

If all of this has you feeling inspired and excited, then get in touch with us today and one of our team members will touch base to start creating your dream wedding signage.


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